#BookReview: Seriously Messed Up by Luke Young

This book truly is Seriously Messed Up. One of the more hilarious “WTF” tales I’ve ever read.
Starts out with a guy getting fired, then coming home early only to catch his wife in the act having a threesome with two other guys… and spirals from there. Along the way, guy meets up with a famous celebrity and two ladies, intending to have a threesome himself… only for things to go *horribly* wrong.
Seriously, you *need* to read Seriously Messed Up!

This review of Seriously Messed Up by Luke Young was originally published on March 20, 2017.

#BookReview: Centurion by Jeremy Robinson

King travels through time on quite possibly his goriest adventure yet (though much of it off screen), against one of the most vile monsters he has ever encountered in this latest installment of the Continuum series of novellas that takes place during the period in the middle of the Chess Team book OMEGA.

As always when either Robinson or Holloway is involved, simply a tremendous book full of action, adventure, and intrigue. Though I gotta admit, my single favorite part of the entire story is the epilogue where they spin the rest of the book on its head and reveal King to be a very famous literary character. Which one? Well, read the tale and find out. 😀

This review of Centurion by Jeremy Robinson and Kent Holloway was originally published on March 9, 2017.

#BookReview: The Last Valkyrie by Jeremy Robinson

We finally get to return to Antarktos, and this is just as grand a tale as the first time we meet Solomon Ull Vincent, the boy who would become The Last Hunter and later King of Antarktos.

In this tale, we meet Sol’s two daughters in the period where Sol is away (fighting in the events of another of Robinson’s books called Project LEGION. though that detail is never mentioned in this particular tale). When the more adventurous daughter is kidnapped by the remnants of the Nephilim, the quieter daughter must track her down – and eventually discover her own mystic connection to Antarktos.

As with Robinson’s other female-coauthored book (The Distance, with his wife Hillaree), the only real distinction you get that Robinson even has a coauthor here (for the first time in the Antarktos Saga) is that the female perspective is more fleshed out than you normally get from Robinson. Other than that particular distinction, this is a tale that will either serve as an introduction point to Antarktos for those who have yet to discover it, or as a welcome addition to the Saga for those who have loved it for years now.

Truly a wonderful adventure, and an amazing debut work for Paquette.

This review of The Last Valkyrie by Jeremy Robinson and Tori Paquette was originally published on January 25, 2017.

#BookReview: The Distance by Jeremy Robinson

Jeremy teams up with his wife Hilaree for her debut novel in this intriguing sci-fi epic.

We get thrown into the mystery fairly quickly, with the event that sets up the rest of the tale happening within the first few pages – all of a sudden, every human on the planet except two are turned to dust at once. Why were these two spared? Can they find each other? How do they survive in a world where they are suddenly the last two humans on the planet?

The first half of the book goes into detail about what the world is like now and the difficulties the survivors face. The second half then answers the lingering questions.

Overall a truly great tale, and an impressive debut for Hilaree!

This review of The Distance by Jeremy and Hilaree Robinson was originally published on November 25, 2016.

#BookReview: Project Legion by Jeremy Robinson

The moment we have been waiting for years to arrive… does.

Robinson has been teasing his fans with the idea of setting up an Avengers level event for several years, and the anticipation has been growing with every book since he first mentioned the idea. With PROJECT LEGION, he *finally* gives it to us, and the result is simply stunning.

This book is somewhat similar in structure to the actual first Avengers movie the MCU did. It introduces the various team members in such a way that even if you’ve never read any of the preceding books, you know enough about them to enjoy this book. But reading the preceding books allows you to have many more “cool!” moments. It even follows the Avengers type in introducing its most powerful team member… and then having this person away until the final “camera circling the team as the theme plays” Avengers moment.

Long time fans of Robinson will LOVE this book, as several characters from various worlds from literally the beginning of Robinson’s fiction writing career through some of his most recent books finally merge into one amazing story. To get easily one of the best stories I’ve read in 2016, read this book. To get the various nuances and “cool!” moments, read at least 5 of Robinson’s previous works first – ones that detail the various team members, including the CHESS TEAM book THRESHOLD, DIDYMUS CONTINGENCY, UPRISING (also called XOM-B), MIRRORWORLD, THE LAST HUNTER, and at least the previous two PROJECT series books. All of those books are great in their own right. When Robinson manages to bring all of these together…

Let’s just say that the Avengers movie made over a billion dollars at the box office… and this book is better.

This review of Project Legion by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on November 2, 2016.

#BookReview: Unity by Jeremy Robinson

We know from the cover of this book that a giant mech-style robot is going to come into play. But getting from the opening chaos of our central character being woken up and shoved on a transport plane – that subsequently crashes – to the robot is quite a ride indeed. With UNITY, Robinson has taken us into one of his most developed and novel worlds yet. Technically this could be classed as YA due to the characters’ ages, but don’t let that fool you – this is one excellent ride, cover to cover, no matter what brand of technothriller/ scifi / dystopia you like. (And don’t let even that fool you – if you want an excellent story, period, this is the book for you.)

This review of Unity by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on July 31, 2016.

#BookReview: Feast by Jeremy Robinson

This time we travel, interestingly, not far from where the real me actually lives – to the swamps outside Charleston, SC. This book in particular is great because it slows the pace down a bit from the first book, yet WAY amps up the drama. There are certain situations in this book that will make some/ possibly many uncomfortable, but this is still a Jeremiah Knight/ Jeremy Robinson book – you don’t have to worry about actually seeing any of the things I refer to. The monsters here are top notch, as always, but the case could be made that the real monsters of this story are the humans our heroes encounter – and along the way, we may just see the possibility that perhaps the monsters we know aren’t so monstrous, and the people we know aren’t so nice…

This review of Feast by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on June 9, 2016.