#BookReview: One Perfect Summer by Brenda Novak

One Perfect Fictionalized Story Of Real World Concerns. I picked this book up the instant I read the description because it seemed like it would be working through in novel form many of the same issues Libby Copeland raised in her nonfiction book The Lost Family, which released about a month before this one will. (Yes, this is yet another book I’m reading as an ARC, and my reviews are my own honest thoughts no matter how I acquire a book or when I read it in relation to its official publication date.) I was not disappointed in that regard at all, and if anything this book actually did a better job of truly exploring these complexities than the nonfiction book did, if only because in novel form it is much easier to express just how messy these situations can be from so many angles. Yes, you may get answers – but those answers in these cases… well, many of them were buried for very good reasons. And then there are the people who just do these DNA kits on a lark to “find out where they’re from” or some such – which is actually how one of our lead protagonists arrives in this situation, highlighting the stark realities of how serious even taking one of these tests can be. Truly an excellent work grounded in real world research and even real world situations, as the nonfiction book shows. Very much recommended.

This review of One Perfect Summer by Brenda Novak was originally written on March 14, 2020.

#BookReview: The Lost Family by Libby Copeland

Astounding. This is absolutely critical reading for those who have either already bought an at-home DNA testing kit or who are considering buying one. Copeland does an excellent job showing the beginnings of this relatively new industry, its promises, its pitfalls, and the numerous concerns and issues surrounding so much of it. Read this book before you buy such a kit, and carefully consider the issues Copeland discusses and whether you are truly ready to handle them if they arise. Very much recommended.

Note special to BookAnon: I actually read this immediately after reading this week’s Featured New Release of the Week, True to Me by Kay Bratt, wherein the entire story is premised on the use of just such a kit and the wait for its results. Each book feeding off the other in my head- even though completely independent of each other – was truly an interesting time. 😀

This review of The Lost Family by Libby Copeland was originally written on December 12, 2019.