#BookReview: The Nature of Oaks by Douglas W Tallamy

Fascinating And Easy Read. This is one of those esoteric books that you didn’t know you wanted to read that turns out to be utterly fascinating… at least if you’re remotely interested in caterpillars and similar insects. The narrative structure takes on each month of the year, beginning in October, and looks at what is happening within, on, under, and around an oak tree within that month – and there is quite a bit more than most probably realize. Written by an academic who studies oaks and with a particular emphasis on what he sees in the oaks within his own yard, this book is remarkably approachable and I daresay even funny – which is rare for such an academic tome. But that seems to have been at least part of the author’s goal – to write a tale for the rest of us showing just why these trees are so important and the rich biodiversity they support. This is a goal the author pulled off remarkably well, and this book is very much recommended.

This review of The Nature of Oaks by Douglas W Tallamy was originally written on November 28, 2020.