#BookReview: A Million Little Lies by Bette Lee Crosby

Back To A Simpler Yet Still Complicated Time. As a Georgia native currently sharing the Atlantic Coast of Florida with the author (she is several hours away from me), this brings back feels of a simpler time, before Interstate travel was really a thing and before the Net made it possible to see the news from anywhere, anywhere. When it was possible to simply leave a bad situation and have a reasonable assumption that it almost couldn’t follow you. When you could stumble into crashing a funeral for a free meal and wind up being confused for a long lost relative. When travelling 80 miles from Atlanta took a few hours. And it was a great walk down historic paths that were long gone before I was born as one of the oldest Millenials, two years into Reagan’s first term as President. It was a great tale of how a million little lies can come back to haunt someone, and how family isn’t always who shares our blood, but who shares our bonds. Very much recommended.

This review of A Million Little Lies by Bette Lee Crosby was originally written on May 10, 2020.