#BookReview: Guardian by Jeremy Robinson

First, let me say this: READ OMEGA by Jeremy and Kane Gilmour FIRST. This book, by necessity, has several major spoilers to that book.

Now, if you don’t mind spoilers and simply want a GREAT introduction to one of the best single characters in modern fiction, pick up GUARDIAN even if you haven’t read any other CHESS TEAM book.

In GUARDIAN, we see King being just that – a GUARDIAN – to Nebuchadnezzar’s grandson (yes, that Nebuchadnezzar – as in, Daniel and the Lion’s Den. Writing on the wall, etc etc etc). Now, if you’re wondering how a modern super-Delta soldier is somehow in the time of an old Nebuchadnezzar… READ OMEGA!

Great twist on the monster tale, having a modern soldier go back in time to battle ancient monsters… and make some interesting discoveries along the way. Great introduction to who King is – leader, soldier, guardian, tactician, etc etc etc.

Looking forward to the next in the Continuum Series! 😀

This review of Guardian by Jeremy Robinson and Kent Holloway was originally published on March 25, 2014.