#BookReview: The Second Chance Supper Club by Nicole Meier

Sometimes It Takes Losing Everything To Find Everything. Not that I haven’t lived this before. Not at all. Yes, this story of two sisters awkwardly reconnecting 3 yrs after a major fight that left them not speaking to each other somehow managed to resonate with a guy who only has brothers. 😉 Seriously, great job from new-to-me author Nicole Meier in crafting a very readable and relatable tale, that admittedly I wanted to stop reading at one point because it got a bit *too* real and brought back some difficult memories of my own. Hallmarkies and/ or foodies in particular will get a kick out of this one, but a strong book for any crowd I’ve ever come across. This is due to Meier’s skill in focusing on the very human even while also relishing the particulars she has set in motion here. Very much recommended.

This review of The Second Chance Supper Club by Nicole Meier was originally written on September 15, 2019.

#BookReview: The Not So Perfect Fiancee by Maggie Dallen

Fun, Fast, and Fluffy. This was a very light, very funny romance designed for the Hallmark Movie crowd but with elements that could draw in fans of the various home renovation shows all over TV (and even some streaming services) these days. Very fast read, without sleep catching up on me and Facebook being too addicting, I could have easily finished this book in 3 ish hrs. (As it was, I still finished in 12 – most of that asleep.) Book 2 in the series, but the main couple from the first book barely appears at all (indeed, the male half *doesn’t* appear at all) and even the secondary couple in that book barely registers in this one. (The man in it is in this book for maybe one scene, the female is mostly just a convenient plot device to make introductions to other secondary characters.) In other words, can very easily be read as a stand-alone book. Not a lot of drama here, just a syrupy sweet romance where the most action even hinted at is hugs and kisses – so good for the “clean” crowd too. Given that Dallen surprised us with a brand new couple in this book, I’m very interested to see where she takes Book 3 in this series. Very much recommended.

This review of The Not So Perfect Fiancee by Maggie Dallen was originally written on July 31, 2019.

#BookReview: The (Not So) Perfect Day by Maggie Dallen

Perfectly Hallmark. If you’re looking for the book version of a Hallmark Movie romance… you’ve found it. Funny yet angsty, with the classic clueless best friends and the friends that know before the best friends do. Perfectly zany ending. It aint deep, it aint earth shattering, but sometimes light and fun is … perfectly… what you need. 😉

This review of The (Not So) Perfect Day by Maggie Dallen was originally published on May 10, 2019.