#BookReview: Descendant by Sean Ellis

I read Ascendant when it first came out a couple of years ago, and I’ve been begging Sean Ellis to write the next books ever since. He finally has, and WOW.

Some people might get tired of the Atlantis story being rehashed over and over, but I guarantee you one thing: You have NEVER seen an Atlantis-based story quite like this!

Mira Raiden, our heroine from Ascendant, returns as the Trinity comes back to life… and instead of a final monster fight in a remote cave in the Himalayas, this time we get one in the National Mall in Washington DC!

Hold on to the seat of your pants – you are in for one wild ride with this story!

This review of Descendant by Sean Ellis was originally published on November 27, 2014.

#BookReview: Ascendant by Sean Ellis

Let’s face it, if you read adventure stories for very long, you’ve stumbled across an Atlantis tale or two… or two dozen.

But this is unlike any other Atlantis tale you’ve ever read, I can almost guarantee you that. I’ve read Atlantis tales from Clive Cussler, David Wood, Jeremy Robinson, and many MANY others, and other than Robinson’s Antarktos Rising/ Last Hunter tale, this is hands down the best of the bunch. Sean is an excellent author, and this is easily my favorite story from him. So go ahead and buy it – you won’t be disappointed, and we may yet get to see how this adventure ends!

This review of Ascendant by Sean Ellis was originally published on July 13, 2014.