#BookReview: MirrorWorld by Jeremy Robinson

Jeremy Robinson has long been rumored to be building towards a world-spanning crossover event, and in this book he gives himself potentially his most powerful weapon yet for such an event.

The Dread are among us, but we can’t see them unless they *really* want us to. They are the unspeakable horrors we feel, even the uncomfortableness we feel when nothing seems to be amiss.

Crazy is also among us. Crazy claims he can see them, and even fight them. Crazy just might be right.

You see, Crazy doesn’t realize who he is or why he became what he is, but he *is*, in fact, the only person who can naturally fight the Dread on their own turf – a parallel dimension to ours, occupying our same physical realm but on a different frequency.

How can Crazy fight the Dread? Why do the Dread even want to fight at all? And who, actually, is Crazy? Well, for those answers and one of Jeremy’s wildest rides yet – which is saying quite a bit – you’ll just have to pick this book up!

This review of MirrorWorld by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on May 5, 2015.