#BookReview: Remote by David Heinemeier Hanson and Jason Fried

Hallelujah. One thing of note up front: I read the Audible version of this, so I have no way of knowing how well documented it is – and given its almost memoir-based approach, those tend to be on the lighter side of documentation. But again, because of the form I consumed this book in, I just don’t know.

This caveat understood up front, this text is absolutely phenomenal – and will have any office worker in 2023 scratching their heads over why virtually *any* of us are constrained to a physical location we must report into x number of times per week. This book is a decade old this year, released *well* before certain worldwide insanities led to a (sadly temporary) shift to very nearly 100% remote work for a time, and yet lays out the case for fully remote work *even with that era’s tech* so clearly and so completely that one will be left wondering why any business person would ever consider forcing their staff to work in a physical office space, unless that business person happens to own said space outright and can’t offload it because everyone else is going fully remote.

For those of us who love(d) working remote, this is absolutely preaching to the choir and having them sing its praises from the rafters. Even for those more opposed to remote work… read this book and try to find a reason the authors here haven’t already addressed, up to and including your own personal preferences and management styles.

Indeed, the most irritating thing about this book is how long it has existed and how few business leaders in 2023 are heeding its lessons. Particularly business leaders who spent 2020 and 2021 praising their teams’ increased productivity while fully remote.

So read this book. Learn why remote work really is the best work for everyone whose jobs don’t involve physically touching some widget or another. And then go and spread the message ever more.

Very much recommended.

This review of Remote by David Heinemeier Hanson and Jason Fried was originally written on June 14, 2023.

Featured New Release Of The Week: Shy by Brad Tanner

This week, we look to a fun, flirty Christmas romance. This week, we look at Shy by Brad Tanner.

This was a fun, somewhat typical, comedy of errors Christmas tale. Very light and breezy read, with excellent chemistry between all involved. You’ve got the classic tightwad. The classic flirt. The classic meddling best friend. Basically, nearly every trope of any Christmas romantic comedy you’ve ever seen. But it works well together, as it was designed to do and as it has done for countless tales for decades, which is why these particular tales are so popular. Does this book break any molds? Not really. But does it give you a few hours of light hearted Christmas themed mirth? Absolutely.

So while this book is arguably best read at Christmas or at any time you want to be in the Christmas spirit, it really is a solid book that does exactly what it attempts to do, and for that it is to be commended. Oh, and just to be aware, since some might try to throw their book when they see it on like page 2: This *is* a MM romance. The meddling best friend is straight, but the couple in question is in fact both guys. But hey, it *does* say that directly on the cover, so if you read more than the cover and still got mad… that’s on you. 😉

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