#BookReview: Soul Of The Cellist by Maddie Evans

Solid Romance, More Drama Than Usual For Evans. This book has Evans stretching herself as a storyteller and introducing much more drama than is typical of her, *almost* to the level of becoming a romantic suspense. What saves this book from that particular marketing is the presence of a personal favorite character from her previous series, the Brighthead Running Club…CASHMAN! Seriously, fans of that particular series will LOVE Cashman’s appearance here – nearly to the point of stealing this book! The comedy there is comedic gold, and some of Evans’ best. Overall, the two parts of the tale are integrated well – Cashman serves as an advisor of sorts on some of the earlier points of the suspense side – and play off each other in-world superbly. Very much recommended.

This review of Soul Of The Cellist by Maddie Evans was originally written on December 18, 2020.