#BookReview: Lie, Lie Again by Stacy Wise

Less Thriller, More Women’s Fiction. This book starts out sounding like it could be a thriller – the prologue ends with a body at the bottom of a set of stairs. But then it turns out to be more of a women’s fiction character study featuring an insecure mom, a teacher who babysits for the mom and fantasizes about the dad, and a conniving survivor who will expertly manipulate anyone to ensure she gets what she wants. The bulk of the book does a decent job of making you question just which of the men will be at the bottom of the stairs, but then when it happens… it is a bit rushed and maybe even a bit anticlimactic. Still, a great story that will have you invested in at least one of its three leads. Very much recommended.

This review of Lie, Lie Again by Stacy Wise was originally written on December 16, 2020.