Featured New Release Of The Week: Full Spectrum by Adam Rogers

This week we’re looking at a fascinating examination of the history of pigments – not a book about vision itself, but about the pigments humans have used over the course of our history and how these pigments have been a part of our technology since pre-history. This week, we’re looking at Full Spectrum by Adam Rogers.

A Rainbow Of Possibilities. This isn’t the book about vision I thought it was when I originally picked it up (admittedly without even reading the description, the title alone was intriguing enough). This is instead a book about the history and current science of dye manufacturing and how it is both one of the most ancient of technologies humans have known and one of the most groundbreaking. As it turns out, my own area – Jacksonville, FL – plays a role in the narrative, being a large source of the most technologically advanced white dye currently known. Yes, at times the book gets a bit… winding… and it can seem like we have diverged into other topics altogether, but the author always winds up coming back to the central thesis after these jaunts through various bits of history. Truly a fascinating read about a history many don’t know and a topic many might find a bit mundane – which is exactly what makes the work so awesome, particularly combined with the author’s great timing with comedic levity. Very much recommended.