#BookReview: Sewer by Jessica Leigh Hester

Fascinating Look At Mostly Current Status Of Sewer Systems. After having read Chelsea Wald’s Pipe Dreams in 2021 about the history and future of toilets, this book seemed a natural progression in my learning on the topic – and at just 200 pages, it was a quick yet seemingly comprehensive look at the current status of the topic. That noted, this book *does* use London as its primary narrative example, though there are also discussions of other locations including Chicago, Cleveland, NYC, and the struggles of the developing world. There are also extensive discussions of fatbergs, wet wipes, and microplastics. (Basically… don’t flush a wet wipe. It doesn’t end well.) Overall a fascinating and short read, pretty well exactly what it was designed to be. Very much recommended.

This review of Sewer by Jessica Leigh Hester was originally written on September 29, 2022.