Featured New Release Of The Week: Rapid Falls by Amber Cowie

This week, we’re looking at yet another book from a Lake Union author. Though in this case, we’re looking at the author’s actual debut book! This week, we’re looking at Rapid Falls by Amber Cowie.

This is a mystery that is told in two timelines – present day and twenty years ago, when Cara was in high school. Between the two timeline structure, the story is very well paced. You begin to get a sense of what is really happening and what really happened… and then yet another swerve is thrown in. And as big as some of the swerves are, the final one is very likely the biggest of them all. It is this final one in particular, in the very epilogue of the book, that will leave you breathless and mindblown.

There really is just not enough positive I can say about this book. It was solid from front to back, and I never saw any weakness at all to any aspect of the story or writing. Simply superb, and a gold standard for Cowie to attempt to meet with her sophomore work.

And as always, the Goodreads/ Amazon review:

One Twisted Sister. This book from debut author Cowie is one of the wilder rides I’ve been on of late, in all the best ways. Early into the book, you think you know what is coming… but trust me, you don’t. Alternating chapters present the events of today and of 20 years ago, where two sisters with very nearly everything in common diverged and became ex-con and trusted aide to a powerful politician. And when you think the ride is over… it has one last explosion that is quite possibly the biggest of the book. Excellent job, very much looking forward to more from this author.