#BookReview Resurrect by Kane Gilmour

RESURRECT is Kane Gilmour’s first work, and I would EASILY put it up there with other first works such as Dale Brown’s Flight of the Old Dog, Clive Cussler’s Mediterranean Caper, or Tom Clancy’s Hunt for Red October. Yes, this book is THAT good – or better.

The action starts with a plane crash in a remote region of China near Tibet, picks up with the survivor and her rescuers being chased through a mountain by people trying to blow them up, and reaches a finale with the group battling their adversaries INSIDE St Peter’s Basilica.

Along the way, we meet Jason Quinn and Curtis Johnson, our heroes and best friends who work together at ARGO – a group reminiscent of Cussler’s NUMA or David Golemon’s Event Group – who will be featured in at least Gilmour’s next work. Johnson is the practical, friendly side kick to Quinn’s friendly yet mysterious do-whatever-it-takes hero.

Gilmour is an author Jeremy Robinson has taken under his wing, and it shows. In one more blatant way, in the weapons used by the bad guys. This is not a bad thing at all, but fans of Robinson’s CHESS TEAM novels (and novellas, the latest of which, CALLSIGN: DEEP BLUE, was cowritten by Gilmour) will recognize them as probably the only other novel they’ve ever read that feature these particular cutting edge weapons.

So yeah, absolutely go pick up this book, and while you’re at it, go ahead and pick up DEEP BLUE. Based on Robinson’s past work and the strength of RESURRECT, I’m confident in telling you that you won’t be disappointed in either purchase.

This review of Resurrect by Kane Gilmour was originally published on December 10, 2011.