#BookReview: Deception by Kelly Carrero

This book starts off with our heroine from the first two books, Jade, reeling from the revelation at the end of the second book. While fleeing from the madman still trying to torment her, she gets another note from him: “You took something from me, now I’m going to take something from you”. Instantly in panic mode, she reveals her secret to her human best friend in order to try to protect her. The tension never really lets up, and as has become Ms. Carrero’s style, the last 2 pages reveal a major bomb that yet again sends Jade reeling. For more on that, I guess we’ll have to wait for Ms. Carrero to write book 4!

Go ahead and pick up book 1 (Evolution) before reading this one, as this particular series you really have to read in order to understand even half of what is going on. I can tell you from both my own experience and my wife’s that once you read Evolution, you’ll be hooked on this series!

Ms. Carrero, please write faster! 😉

This review of Deception by Kelly Carrero was originally published on May 2, 2013.