#BookReview: The Pythagorean Solution by Joseph Badal

The overall story is actually solid. Former SpecOps guy looking to retire has a mystery and mysterious killers almost literally fall into his lap. Meets up with a cop and the murdered man’s family to figure out what the hell was happening and why – and get a bit of payback. Formulaic? Yes. But there is a reason why authors go that route – it is successful.

Overall, this was marred by one scene in particular that I *really* wish Badal had found some other way of achieving similar character development. Would be a spoiler to describe it, but suffice it to say that many females may hate that scene even more than I did. Other than the one scene – and he *did* attempt to make up for it by using it to further the characters – it really was an enjoyable, fairly quick read. I was 33% in and didn’t realize I had been reading that long.

This review of The Pythagorean Solution by Joseph Badal was originally published on February 27, 2016.