#BookReview: The Girl He Wants by Kristi Rose

Possibly Unique Technique. This book had something not often seen in trilogies – a blending of the timeline from the first book into the third book. In The Girl He Knows, Rose has a particular scene where a new man is introduced and the lead in that book outright says to herself that this man isn’t for her – but would be perfect for her friend. So she calls her friend and demands the friend come out to where she is currently on a double date with this new man and common friends across all of the people involved here. This book actually starts up just before that moment, and the first roughly third of the book actually takes place concurrent with events from the back roughly third of The Girl He Knows, before progressing. This book’s weakness is that it spends so much time in the setup that it doesn’t really have a chance to actually show the love developing, rather than simply stating that the couple did various things together over a couple of paragraphs. But it is overall a strong book, just with the one major weakness.

This review of The Girl He Wants by Kristi Rose was originally published on February 23, 2018.