#BookReview: Catalyst by Michael C. Grumley

Great Story, Suffers Same Formatting Problem As LEAP. In this entry into the BREAKTHROUGH series, Grumley doesn’t have near the revelations of the previous two books – though there are a couple thrown in, they just don’t have the impact of the previous books – but manages to raise the stakes even more. Our team faces genuine peril this time, with one major character actually dying – and staying dead through the end of the book. Other characters feel like cannon fodder when introduced, and are never really fleshed out to be much more than that. Whereas the previous two books left on a bit of an ominous cliffhanger of the reader knowing more was to come but the characters not, this book leaves us with the characters having a clear direction – even if they don’t know exactly where they are going. Arguably the weakest book of this series, but still an excellent read that promises even more to come.

This review of Catalyst by Michael C. Grumley was originally published on April 14, 2018.