#BookReview: The Great Spiritual Migration by Brian McLaren

Is Incomplete and Unproven. I was looking forward to this book. I really, really was. I wanted McLaren to show us how, what, where, and why Christianity was on a migration towards being a better Christian. Instead I got a story of how McLaren himself has moved from being a very conservative Christian to a very liberal one. Instead of describing how Christianity can transcend our political issues of the day, McLaren insists that we fight for one side of the political issues of the day. Instead of instilling hope, he seeks to instill fear – in the words of The American President, he doesn’t appear interested in solving anything so much as making Christians afraid of some *other* global catastrophe and saying that those who have a “lesser understanding” of the Bible are to blame for it. Rather than being transformative, as he believes himself to be, he exposes himself as just another elitist trying to tell everyone else that he knows what is best for them. Truly a shame.

This review of The Great Spiritual Migration by Brian McLaren was originally published on May 28, 2018.