#BookReview: Healthy Habits Suck by Dayna Lee-Baggley

Strong Start, Falters About Halfway In, Never Really Recovers. This book had an intriguing premise – it was going to explain the scientific reasons for why you don’t want to be healthy and help you overcome them. And it had some excellent points in the beginning regarding human evolution, even as it glossed over any actual science or citations. But around halfway in it begins using a particular metaphor that effectively says “you’re not to blame” and rather than continuing with the quasi-scientific explanations it goes full bore with this metaphor through the end of the book. Intriguing in the first half, and genuinely well written throughout. May be exactly what people who generally read self help books are looking for. Recommended.

This review of Healthy Habits Suck by Dayna Lee-Baggley was originally published on May 24, 2019.