#BookReview: Hearing God by Nathan Finochio

Awesome Premise. Flawed Execution. In this book, Finochio makes several excellent points, and it is a book genuinely worthy of reading. But yet again we get a book from a Christian pastor that decries the practice of “proof texting” – citing an out of context verse from the Bible in support of whatever claim the person is making at the time – … while doing it in seemingly nearly every paragraph of the 200 pages of text of this book. We see, yet again, the modern Christian phenomenon of worshiping the Bible as God’s Word, despite the very book itself (in John 1:1) declaring that *Jesus Christ* is God’s Word. And indeed, Finochio uses some genuinely impressive mental gymnastics somewhat frequently to claim that both the Bible and Jesus Christ are God’s Word at the same time. For the Christian mainstream in America, this book will probably go over quite well and hell, he does make good points throughout the book even in his flawed execution, so I’ll recommend it to that crowd at least. It simply could have been so much more and so much stronger, and is disappointing in not being so.

This review of Hearing God by Nathan Finochio was originally published on June 11, 2019.