#BookReview: Already Home by Carly Marie

Excellent Conclusion. In this conclusion to the Finding Home series, we pick up shortly after we left off in Book 3 – Jasper has found his relationship. Now he just has to tell his family…

This produces some amazingly touching scenes between Jasper, who stayed home and worked the family ranch, and his brothers, who went off to different parts of the country. As the oldest of three brothers myself, these scenes expressed quite a bit that I only wish I could communicate to my own brothers – even though in our case, they stayed in our home town (one lives barely a mile from where our parents live, the only home he had ever really known prior to moving out) while I moved several hours away.

Once again Marie outdoes herself, showing steadily increasing skill as a storyteller of both human emotion and hot and heavy “erotic scenes”. 🙂 Very much recommended, though at minimum you’ll want to read Book 3 first.

(And I shouldn’t have to note this, but I will – if MM sex offends you in any way, this book isn’t for you. If cursing offends you, this book isn’t for you. Just to try to spare Marie some common 1 star review complaints. 😉 )

This review of Already Home by Carly Marie was originally published on July 25, 2019.