Featured New Release of The Week: Wildflower Hope by Grace Greene

This week we look at the same-year-published follow on to another 2019 Featured New Release of the Week. This week, we’re looking at Wildflower Hope by Grace Greene.

This story is absolutely a sequel to Wildflower Heart, and the events of Heart – particularly its ending sequences – play heavily into the tale here. So it is fairly difficult to even hint at the overall plot of this tale without revealing spoilers of Heart. I can tell you that it follows the same general structure of that tale, as we continue to follow Kara Hart as she continues to try to rebuild her life after a horrific tragedy that opens Heart.

I can also tell you that where Heart was about surviving tragedy, Hope is more about fully recovering from it. Here, Greene does an excellent job of showing just how difficult doing this can be, particularly when one feels completely isolated in the process.

But by the end of this one, we do in fact have a bit of … hope… that perhaps maybe our protagonist may have finally turned a corner, and the planned third act of this series should be something amazing indeed. Very much recommended, though absolutely read Wildflower Heart first (also very much recommended) if you haven’t yet.

As always, the Goodread/ Amazon review:

Hope Springs Eternal. In this followup to Wildflower Heart, released earlier this year, Greene continues the story of Wildflower House and in particular Kara Hart. This story picks up just days after the end of that tale and is heavily influenced by its events, so it isn’t really one a new reader can come into without having read the first book – but the first book is at least as good as this one, and thus it isn’t exactly a hardship. 😉 Solid story and very much recommended.