#BookReview: Hunting Blackbeard by Pandora Pine

To The Victors Go The Pizza Rolls! Ok, so that title is an in-joke from the prologue of this book. But it is also indicative of the fun of this book. More on the romance side than the adventure side (vs the first book in this series being a bit more equal between the two/ maybe slightly more on the adventure side), this book keeps the romance as the central piece while the adventure is more there to drive the romance plot along than anything. Some very interesting commentary about reviews included that while overtly are about a character’s business, almost seem as if the author is speaking to the reader directly about more real life situations – I’ve certainly seen *many* authors saying much the same thing in real life. Excellent work, with some interesting angles for the third book in this series – I will be intrigued to see if Pine goes that direction or just uses it as set up for the obvious third book main character’s overall arc in that tale. Very much recommended, though do read Book 1 (Finding Alexander, also a 5* read) first.

This review of Hunting Blackbeard by Pandora Pine was originally written on September 30, 2019.