#BookReview: Dating the DILF by Amali Rose

Fun and Intense Yet Slightly Lacking. This book was a really fun, really quick read. Truly hilarious through most of the book, a handful of super steamy scenes – remarkable considering the overall length of the book – and some genuine drama… kinda. It is actually in the drama where the book is lacking, as every time some major conflict comes along, Rose just brushes it away within a paragraph or two with only about that many exceptions. While I generally go with the flow, this book had significant enough jumps that it was difficult to maintain that attitude while reading this particular book – specifically due to these jumps. It almost felt as though the author felt she couldn’t maintain the fun nature of the book while exploring these legitimate conflicts – or she was trying to keep the page count down arbitrarily for some reason. Still, a strong effort that was genuinely enjoyable and absolutely recommended. It simply could have been more.

This review of Dating the DILF by Amali Rose was originally written on October 4, 2019.