#BookReview: All About Evie by Cathy Lamb

WTF In All The Best Ways. The marketing for this book is all “premonitions and DNA tests”, and honestly, while that certainly applies to the tale – premonitions play a central role in the two primary lives involved and there is indeed a DNA test that allows them to find each other – that aspect to the book is not so major as to warrant being the primary marketing focus, to my mind. Instead, this is a funny in an off beat kind of way (think: escaping goats and aunts who start a pot business to fund an Antarctic expedition) tale of a woman who has a full life yet is searching to find that one missing piece. The Beauty and the Beast allusions of the cover illustration are spot on, but again, a minor if recurring point. Overall a very strong book, but one that is quite a bit more humorous than the marketing and even cover may imply. Very much recommended.

This review of All About Evie by Cathy Lamb was originally written on October 20, 2019.