#BookReview: It’s In His Christmas Wish by Shelly Alexander

Fitting Conclusion. In this swan song for the Red River Valley series, there are no swans. But there is a little girl named Noelle who has a Christmas wish, and our final couple in town gets thrown together to try to grant it… Along the way, we get the same elements this series has come to be known for – zany antics from old busybodies, solid small town atmosphere, a hot sex scene or two, and solid, heartwarming romance. This *can* be an entry point into the series – if you don’t mind minor spoilers about previous books, any book in this series is fine for that – but go all the way back to Book 1 and start from there. A truly excellent book, and I can’t wait to see where Alexander takes us next. Very much recommended.

This review of It’s In His Christmas Wish by Shelly Alexander was originally written on October 24, 2019.