#BookReview: The Light In The Hallway by Amanda Prowse

Sad Yet Hopeful – And With Sequel Potential. Up front: This book has moments that can be *extremely* depressing. But here’s the thing – Prowse does an excellent job of using those moments to explore real world emotions very well. And then she uses the story she creates here to restore a bit of hope to those who are going through similarly depressing phases of life. And along the way we find a solid story of a man rebuilding his life at a time he never thought he’d have to while also getting the story of one pivotal summer many years ago. This was my first of Prowse’s books, and it won’t be my last. (Particularly if we get that sequel, Shirley. 😉 ) Very much recommended.

This review of The Light In The Hallway by Amanda Prowse was originally written on November 17, 2019.