Featured New Release Of The Week: True To Me by Kay Bratt

This week we look at an excellent tale of finding oneself that is full of enough potential that the author could spend the rest of her career in this world and I doubt anyone would be disappointed. This week, we are looking at True To Me by Kay Bratt.

This was absolutely a world I’m looking forward to coming back to, which is a good thing since Bratt has already announced a sequel. But the richness of this world is unlike any I’ve seen lately and possibly in quite some time – there are simply so many threads set up here that Bratt could use to spend literally the rest of her career within this world, and yet this book itself is a complete and unitary tale unto itself. In other words, while those other areas are there, this book is a complete experience whether or not they are ever explored more deeply – and that is a testament to Bratt’s skill as a writer that she was able to pull this off.

My own overall experience with this book was perhaps enhanced by reading this tale of Maui and its secrets while on a cruise to the southern Caribbean Sea myself, and indeed much of this book was read while I was somewhere south of Hispaniola either on my way to Curacao and Aruba (where the pic to the right was taken) or on my way back to Miami from Aruba. Truly a perfect read for such a vacation, and I’m sure my experience with both was enhanced by the other.

As always, the Goodreads/ Amazon review:

Amazing Tale. This was one of those tales that was so rich that the author could spend the rest of her career writing within this world and I’m pretty sure no one would be disappointed. The tale here of finding oneself and the large amounts of forgiveness that sometimes requires is palpable and tragic – but ultimately the feel good story one expects from this particular author. Just as with her previous book, this one yet again feels like it was written specifically to one of her daughters and indeed she has spoken publicly of it being inspired by a trip to see this particular daughter… in Maui. Truly a remarkable work, and very much recommended.