Featured New Release Of The Week: Destination Sofia by David Wood and Sean Ellis

This week we’re looking at the latest entry in a long running and expansive universe. This week we’re looking at Destination Sofia by David Wood and Sean Ellis.

This was yet another excellent example of Wood and Ellis’ abilities to take seemingly somewhat random real world mysteries and impressive sceneries and combine them into an action tale with just the right combination of adventure, intrigue, and guns blazing action. The intrigue here centers on the real life Tsarichina Hole, and Wood and Ellis truly do an excellent job explaining the real world mystery in the context of the tale, then spinning their own tale around that real world mystery.

Filled with the action and humor long time fans have come to expect from this universe, this is also a good enough entry point for people new to the series – at somewhat shortish (under 200 pages), it is a fairly quick yet highly entertaining read, perfect for trying to squeeze in another book or two at the end of the year to hit some numerical reading target. Very much recommended.

As always, the Goodreads/ Amazon review:

Another Solid Maddock and Bones Outing. In this book, Dane Maddock and adventure partner Bones Bonebrake find themselves on an all expense paid trip to Bulgaria to investigate the Tsarichina Hole, courtesy of the Bulgarian government. The usual extreme sports, mystery, and action – along with a bit of historical oddities – come into play, and we get another solid entry into this world. Good enough entry point into the series, with references to previous events but primarily focused on the current events, and also solid for long time fans. Very much recommended.