#BookReview: Dark Times by SD Gripton

Lee Child-Styled Compelling British Mystery. Note up front that I did NOT say “Jack Reacher styled”. What I mean here is that the actual writing, with the frequent use of short, choppy sentences, very much feels like Lee Child’s style of writing. For those that enjoy that particular mechanic of the Reacher books, you’ll at least enjoy the similar mechanics here. Ultimately I docked it a star because the book just starts so slow and depressing – enough to keep you reading and hoping for more, but slow nonetheless – and because of the explosive, abrupt, shocking, and arguably incomplete ending. For me, the ending makes me want to immediately grab Book 2. For others, well, it could be seen as reminiscent of the outrage over the ending of Allegiant. Ultimately a strong tale with a compelling mystery and a good amount of humor, the book is recommended.

This review of Dark Times by SD Gripton was originally written on December 21, 2019.