Featured New Release of the Week: Cat Tale by Craig Pittman

This week, we’re looking at a wild and maddening tale of the fight to save the Florida Panther. This week, we’re looking at Cat Tale by Craig Pittman.

This was a tragic story of how humans actively brought a particular sub-species to the brink of extinction, how human involvement and greed kept the sub-species at that point until it was too late to come back without dramatic human intervention, and how even that intervention nearly didn’t work due to human politics. It is yet another tale that will turn a person into an anarchist, as it shows just how inept and even corrupt government is at all levels. The narrative mostly focuses on the last 50 years or so, and indeed includes data up through 2018.

But the style of the narrative is forthright and even funny, with puns and other humor rampant, including one pun that apparently the author’s wife thought of. Overall simply a well told, compelling tale, and it is thus very much recommended.

Wild And Maddening. In this all-too-real tale, Pittman does an excellent job of showing the history of the Florida Panther, how the sub-species came to the brink of extinction, and how government officials bungled the attempt at saving them before begrudgingly doing what it took to save the sub-species. Outstanding work bringing to light an amazing story of the perils of human intervention into natural systems – and how humans can occasionally do something right by those natural systems. Very much recommended.