#BookReview: The New Husband by DJ Palmer

Starts Slow Then Gets Explosive. This is one of those that is a very slow burn at first – things maybe feel a bit off, and there is more of a sense that a particular character is pretty dark without any real evidence at first. Then just before the 50% mark, the game changes completely and we spend the rest of the book waiting for various characters to catch up to what the readers now know. Strong use of an Autistic character in that he is shown to be perfectly “normal”, just Autistic. The one jarring part in at least the ARC copy I read (which could very easily be fixed before publication, so if it is fixed in your version, just ignore this comment) is that the perspective shifts at random chapter beginnings can be a bit jarring and perhaps a label could be used to better identify what is happening. (Note that the chapter is from whatever singular perspective, but the character that may be narrating a given chapter can and does change.) Ultimately everything builds to an explosive yet satisfying ending. Very much recommended.

This review of The New Husband by DJ Palmer was originally written on February 22, 2020.