#BookReview: Domino Effect by JM LeDuc

Going to War With Sinclair O’Malley Is A *BAD* Idea. Old friends. New Friends. And at the heart of it all, badass investigator Sinclair O’Malley showing just why she is The Pearl Angel of Death. (And seriously, we get the *actual* origin of that name in this book to boot!) The initial investigation is typical Sin, uncovering things no one else can. But when the bad guy decides to get personal, The Pearl Angel of Death gathers her army and goes to war… with pretty disastrous results for her enemies. Simply bad ass, yet again: If you think Jack Reacher is awesome… you need to meet Sinclair O’Malley. 🙂 Very much recommended.

This review of Domino Effect by JM LeDuc was originally written on May 6, 2020.