#BookReview: Rules For Moving by Nancy Star

Rules Are Meant To Be Broken. This is an interesting story full of very human characters who are each flawed in some way yet doing the best they can with what they have. Perhaps a bit drawn out, and perhaps a touch too circumspect in some aspects, it does a solid job of telling its tale primarily through the lens of a mother who is about to divorce her husband when he suddenly dies, as well as through the perspective of her young son just trying to make sense of the adults who clearly aren’t telling him everything. Ultimately it seems to hit all of the RWA rules for “romance”, though I suspect it will instead be marketed as “women’s fiction”. Definitely a drama regardless, with a smattering of humor to keep it just this side of depressing. Solid work. Recommended.

This review of Rules For Moving by Nancy Star was originally written on May 17, 2020.