#BookReview: Beautiful Resistance by Jon Tyson

Interesting But Not Revolutionary. This is a fairly standard “Christian Living” book written by a pastor, this time an Australian living in NYC – which at least makes it a bit atypical in that regard. Those outside of Christendom probably will have little interest here, and honestly there is little value for that crowd. For those inside the Church who are looking for a new book to read, eh, there are much worse options. One note here is that, as with far too many books of its type, prooftexting – citing random Bible verses out of context – is rampant in this text as well, and is an automatic star deduction in any review I do for a book that contains it. The 4* total here are because even with the prooftexting, the other sporadic issues with the book don’t amount to much either by themselves or in combination. To borrow Tyson’s own construction, this book could best be summed up as (Mostly) Solid But Not Remarkable. Recommended.

This review of Beautiful Resistance by Jon Tyson was originally written on July 4, 2020.