#BookReview: A Cowboy For Keeps by Laura Drake

Irresistible Force, Meet Immovable Object. This is a fun story of a rich-yet-still-driven cowboy meeting up with a barely-keeping-things-together woman in the midst of a massive tragedy… and each finding out that they really don’t understand the other’s motivations. Like, at all. So sparks fly. Repeatedly. And then things get a bit more… intimate. If you like the romance genre at all, you’re going to like this book. It hits all the points you’re expecting and does so with excellent flair. If you’re not quite as sold on the genre, give this one a chance. Drake does an excellent job of keeping things much more real than others of this type. Overall, a very fun read and very much recommended.

This review of A Cowboy For Keeps by Laura Drake was originally written on July 8, 2020.