#BookReview: Kissing The Shy Guy by Stephanie Street

Not So Shy. This is one of those YA books where you know simply because of the subgenre that nothing is going to go above making out levels… and yet at times it almost feels like it might. It is *that* hot. Also feels overall somewhat similar to Lemonade Mouth (at least the Disney Channel movie version of it) with the focus on music and the guitarist from a band helping out in another performance. Which is an excellent comparison to have, in my mind at least, because I *love* Lemonade Mouth and still somewhat regularly listen to the soundtrack. 😀 Truly a great tale and a solid wrap up of this miniseries, even if I do have a quibble about the ending in a couple of respects. Very much recommended.

This review of Kissing The Shy Guy by Stephanie Street was originally written on July 26, 2020.