Featured New Release Of The Week: The Last To Know by Jo Furniss

This week we’re looking at a great book about the destructive power of secrets. This week we’re looking at The Last To Know by Jo Furniss.

Unfortunately I’m facing a form of “writer’s block” these days that is barely allowing me to write a Goodreads level review, so that is all I have to offer this week.

Secrets Have Consequences. When you’re the last person to know a secret, the community around the secret has a way of feeling a bit dense. When you think you know the secret, but there are even deeper secrets behind the secret, you can find yourself wondering “what if”. This was a strong look at these ideas, and felt a bit similar at times to Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs’ Still Life With Crows, or at least that was the connection my Autistic mind made somehow. Truly a great book, and very much recommended.