#BookReview: Blood Echo by Christopher Rice

Burning Girl! Decepticon Toaster! I’m going to start this review with a warning I saw in another: If you have not yet read Bone Music, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. But you should *absolutely* read Bone Music… and then you’ll be desperate to get this book in your hands immediately. 😀 (Also, if you haven’t read Bone Music yet… stop reading this review now and go read it. 🙂 )

Arguably one of the only maybe weaknesses of Bone Music is that Burning Girl… didn’t. Here, we get Burning Girl burning early enough in the tale that you almost have to know it is going to happen again somehow… and Rice doesn’t disappoint.

Along the way we also get a reference to one of those jokes that *always* makes me laugh: “My wife asked me why I carry a gun in the house. I looked at her and said “Decepticons”. She laughed. I laughed. The toaster laughed. I shot the toaster. It was a good day.”

Ultimately this continues the excellent work Rice began in Bone Music of creating a compelling Limitless-type superhero but focusing on the various interpersonal relationships at least as much as the superpowers/ action, and is very much recommended.

This review of Blood Echo by Christopher Rice was originally written on August 15, 2020.