#BookReview: Collision Course by Matt Hilton

Sold Reacher-Style Mystery, Deep In Series. This is a solid mystery of the “Reacher” style. In that there is a compelling mystery of someone being missing and/ or in danger, and the good guy (in this case, a team of a PI and her two ex-con friends) has to find them and/ or stop the bad guys. Usually with significant fisticuffs and generally lots of rampant destruction and gunshots. Hell, this book opens up with our female PI pulling off a similar stunt to one of Reacher’s own more memorable ones. One thing to note here is that this book *is* deep into the series – something I didn’t realize when I signed up for the ARC. Not a big deal for me personally, as the backstory was appropriately mentioned enough to get where the characters currently are and whet the appetite for going back as a reader, but those particularly sensitive about spoilers will want to read this series from the beginning. Overall, a solid, action packed mystery. Very much recommended.

This review of Collision Course by Matt Hilton was originally written on October 14, 2020.