#BookReview: Track Of The Beast by David Wood

Fun, Short, Indiana Jones Type Adventure. A lot of times when I say something is “Indiana Jones type Adventure”, I usually mean that it has elements of travel, mysterious ancient artifact and/ or creature, some action of both gun and non-gun type, and usually some form of “Bond girl”… but set in current-ish times. With this book… no. You still get all of that, but the setting itself is actually Indiana Jones type as well – set in the early 30s, though completely in the US. Wood even manages to toss in a line or two about current real world affairs, *very* tightly disguised and well within scope of the characters, setting, and plot. (Which is one reason I love Wood and many of the authors I’ve long associated in his loose group of authors who have at times collaborated together – he does this so well, yet also so minimally.) Also quite a bit of humor that transcends time period here. All in a fairly short (half ish the length of a standard Maddock adventure, from his long running Dane Maddock series) book that is truly a very quick yet fun read. Very much recommended.

This review of Track Of The Beast by David Wood was originally written on February 25, 2021.