#BookReview: The Road To Me by Laura Drake

Baaaa! Goat! But seriously, this book packs a *lot* in to its 320 or so pages. Both road trip comedy – including the aforementioned goat – and serious family drama, this is Drake at her best knowing when to make the room so dusty your eyes can’t help but leak from the strain and when to pull back and make you have to be careful about throwing out your back you’re laughing so hard. Ultimately a heart warming tale that many will identify with in so many ways, I happened to read this book on the week of the 9 year anniversary of my own grandmother’s death – making it hit a little different for me. For Laura’s cowboy romance fans, know that there is in fact a romance subplot here, and the trials and hijinx of Route 66 are on full display as well – so while there aren’t so many Stetsons, the West is very much integral to even this story. Very much recommended.

This review of The Road To Me by Laura Drake was originally written on April 16, 2022.