#BookReview: The House Guest by Hank Phillipi Ryan

Slow, Slow, Slow – And Then A NASCAR Race Through The Mountains. This is one of those mysteries that perhaps spends a bit *too* much time in the “setup” phase, letting us get comfortable with – though never *too* comfortable with – an unlikely budding friendship. Then, in its final quarter or so, the twists and turns and flips and flops and zigs and zags come so rapidly paced that it will feel like someone let loose a NASCAR race on the roads of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. (Some of the twistiest roads I’ve ever personally driven, for those who don’t quite get where I’m going there. :D) Ultimately it all works and works great together, if a bit tried and true in its ultimate design. Still, the process of getting there was new-ish and done quite well. Very much recommended.

This review of The House Guest by Hank Phillipi Ryan was originally written on December 23, 2022.