#BookReview: A Fatal Affair by A.R. Torre

Dark Side Of Hollywood. This book is perfect for those types that love the darker stories of Hollywood, and particularly the stories about how demented and depraved some “wholesome” childhood stars become as adults. At under 300 pages, it is a fairly quick read, but with every chapter coming from a different character’s perspectives – and several of them, to boot – this may be one that is too complex for some to follow. And yet, that storytelling mechanic actually works well for this particular tale, particularly the deeper into the tale we get. In the end, it even becomes a bit of a mindbender trying to determine who is actually responsible – so again, people that like their endings all tied up in a bow… probably not your thing either. Overall an interesting tale that keeps the reader engaged, and one that will work well for those darker summer moods. Very much recommended.

This review of A Fatal Affair by A.R. Torre was originally written on June 4, 2023.