#BookReview: The Predictable Heartbreaks Of Imogen Finch by Jacqueline Firkins

Quirky And Spicy. Straight up: If quirky books with a touch of magical realism/ off-the-beaten-path type vibes isn’t really your thing… eh, you likely won’t like this book. If spicy books with several (I wouldn’t necessarily call them “frequent”) on-screen sex scenes of various forms isn’t your thing… this probably isn’t the book for you, as it does feature them. If you’re looking for a “perfect” “cowboy rides off into the sunset with his woman in the saddle behind him” type HEA… the HEA here works for this couple, but aint that type. So maybe this isn’t your thing either, but in your case I’d say give it a shot anyway, as it *does* fulfill all known “requirements” (which I use loosely, as I’ve been known to wage war with purists on them) for the romance genre… in its own ways.

For those that are still here… this is actually a fun, off-beat, light-yet-serious tale of one woman’s search for love – despite the curse from her mother – and the dude who has always been there but hasn’t always been there. At around 350 pages, it isn’t short, but it also isn’t unnecessarily drawn out either. Sure, maybe some scenes could be cut (I know, the “clean” / “sweet” crowd wishes the sex scenes were cut, and I’m sure other readers would want others cut), but overall the tale works well with what it has and nothing actually feels *truly* out of place.

Ultimately, I had fun with this zany tale and its road-less-traveled take on love, and those looking for a romance book that isn’t like seemingly literally *every other romance book out there* I think will at least enjoy that this one *does* go places many don’t. Very much recommended.

This review of The Predictable Heartbreaks Of Imogen Finch by Jacqueline Firkins was originally written on December 1, 2023.