#BlogTour: Pray For Her by Holly S. Roberts

For this blog tour, we’re looking at a pulse pounding thriller with one of the best prologues I’ve ever encountered. Seriously, this prologue makes the case for *every* book having one. For this blog tour, we’re looking at Pray For Her by Holly S. Roberts.

Here’s what I had to say on the review sites (Goodreads, Hardcover.app, TheStoryGraph, BookHype):

Now THAT Is How You Do A Fucking Prologue! Seriously, I don’t normally tweet out or contact the author when I’m reading a book. After *this* prologue, I immediately had to tweet out how awesome it is, particularly given the various discussions in Boolandia regarding how many readers skip prologues or don’t enjoy them or whatever. I don’t mind books that don’t have them, but a well written one can really get a reader curious and/ or excited about the story, and this is one of the best written ones I’ve ever encountered.

Beyond the prologue, this is a tremendous tale, one that has been set in motion since the very beginning of this series – everything is now coming to a head, and Bennett and her team are about to be challenged like they’ve never been challenged before… and by the one person who terrifies Bennett more than any other.

Filled with pulse pounding action and intrigue, this is one of those mystery/ police procedural tales that really shows the true power of how great these particular types of stories can be – and yet, still, to get the full impact here, you really do need to begin at Book 1 and read through this point. Trust me, when you do you will absolutely devour this particular tale as well.

Overall a remarkably strong tale that could well serve as a series finale – or, equally, could simply serve as a trilogy conclusion and allow the series to continue on. I for one am very curious to see which direction Roberts (and possibly her publisher) will go there. Very much recommended.

After the jump, an excerpt from the book followed by the “publisher details” – book description, author bio, and social media and buy links.

Book: Pray For Her
Author: Holly S. Roberts
Pub Day: December 12th 2023

About the Book:
The little girl trembles as a pair of dark eyes watch her every move. She’s been told to dig a hole big enough for a body and her heart races as she wonders who it’s for. She wants to run, but she knows she’ll be caught. So she fights back tears and begins to dig…

When police stop a car in the small town of Hilldale, they shudder as they pop the trunk and look inside. Covered in thick plastic, the body of a man lies totally still. In the car sit two women and a twelve-year-old girl, all refusing to speak.

As Detective Eve Bennet is called in to investigate, she’s struck by the women’s calm demeanor. No stranger to the secretive local community, Eve knows the women won’t speak to her, but she’s sure she can get the young girl to tell her what happened.

When ten-year-old Beth finally opens up and begs for help, Eve’s blood runs cold. If the man in the trunk is an eminent member of the local church, as Beth says he is, they could all be in serious danger.

But Eve will stop at nothing to make sure Beth is safe, and when her search leads to a family home on a quiet little street, the last thing she expects is to come face to face with someone from her own dark past.

Will she face her demons and unravel the truth behind the man in the trunk? And can she save herself and Beth from the evil that haunts their lives?

Author Bio:
Holly S Roberts is a retired homicide detective and the USA TODAY Bestselling Author of Play and Ruck (Completion Sports series). She is excited to announce a new crime thriller series published by Bookouture Hachette, Book 1 ONLY GIRL ALIVE and Book 2 LOST LITTLE ANGELS are now available. Book 3 releases 12/23. For Holly’s spicier side, you’ll love her anti-hero bad boys who will curl your toes (Hotter Than Hell series) and a lighter (not so spicy) humorous paranormal series with shifters and Hellhounds (Marinah and King). She also writes cozy mysteries under the pen name Suzie Ivy. She lives with her two spoiled dogs high in the mountains. Holly is a self-defense instructor and owned a martial arts gym where she taught women to kick butt. Visit wickedstorytelling.com for more info.

Social Media:
Website: http://wickedstorytelling.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hollysrobertsauthor
X: https://twitter.com/hollysroberts
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollysrobertsauthor/

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