#BookReview: Legends by David Wood

Action Packed Quick Hits. This is a collection of short stories and a novella that work well to both allow long time fans of the series to have a bit more fun reading about the team’s adventures (mostly alone or with just Maddock and Bones) and to allow new readers a chance to sample the overall style of the universe without necessarily committing to an entire book to get a complete story. Overall truly a fun, quick read and great for when you maybe only have a few minutes at a time to read.

A note for those familiar with Wood’s other recent book, SERPENT: VENOM is the novella here, which features the same creature as SERPENT… except it is the same creature in name only. The entire characterization of the creature, from the way it looks to the way it behaves to the secrets behind it, are entirely different between the two tales, and indeed really the only similarities at all are that Bones is in both, they are both set in the same general place on the planet, and they feature a giant snake they both use the same name to denote. So don’t be afraid to read *both* stories. 😀

Excellent collection, and very much recommended.

This review of Legends by David Wood was originally written on December 16, 2020.

#BookReview: Serpent by David Wood

Another Excellent Maddock and Bones Adventure. This is yet another episode in the sprawling universe that is Maddock and Bones, one with at least a few callouts that won’t be obvious unless you’ve read the entire universe of these stories to this point. That noted, it can indeed work reasonably well as an entry point into the series, as most of the callbacks are more tangential than essential. (And the essential ones are explained well, but are slight spoilers for previous books – for those that particularly care about such things.) Overall a fun romp through the Amazon and Inca lore, and very much recommended.

This review of Serpent by David Wood was originally written on November 28, 2020.

#BookReview: Lost City by David Wood and Matt James

Short, Fun, And Typical Maddock-verse… Without The Full Team. If you’re looking for a short taste of an Indiana Jones / Dirk Pitt type adventure… you’ve found one. This is a very quick read at under 150 pages and features a bit more straightforward of an adventure for one Uriah “Bones” Bonebrake than is typical of the larger Maddock and Bones books with the full team. It will be interesting to see if at least one of the revelations here plays a role within the larger universe, but it is always fun to see Bones in his element, with or without the supporting cast. Just a great, fun bit of escapism to take your attention for an afternoon without demanding too much of your time. Very much recommended.

This review of Lost City by David Wood and Matt James was originally written on September 2, 2020.

#BookReview: Contest by David Wood

Another Awesome Adventure. Once again, Wood manages to make a hilarious adventure that touches on some very dark subjects – including the Black Dahlia murder. Long time fans will love this new chapter, and even people new to Wood and/ or Maddock and Bones shouldn’t have any issues picking up the story as presented… so long as you don’t mind references to previous adventures and story lines (none of which are critical to the flow here). Very much recommended, particularly for those looking for some good, solid, Indiana Jones type escapism.

This review of Contest by David Wood was originally published on July 2, 2019.