#BookReview: Lost City by David Wood and Matt James

Short, Fun, And Typical Maddock-verse… Without The Full Team. If you’re looking for a short taste of an Indiana Jones / Dirk Pitt type adventure… you’ve found one. This is a very quick read at under 150 pages and features a bit more straightforward of an adventure for one Uriah “Bones” Bonebrake than is typical of the larger Maddock and Bones books with the full team. It will be interesting to see if at least one of the revelations here plays a role within the larger universe, but it is always fun to see Bones in his element, with or without the supporting cast. Just a great, fun bit of escapism to take your attention for an afternoon without demanding too much of your time. Very much recommended.

This review of Lost City by David Wood and Matt James was originally written on September 2, 2020.